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RAI Hawaii

Bringing Robot Assisted Instruction in coding to Hawaii's keiki!

We are excited to offer basic coding instruction with 5 different educational robots as a supplemental and enriching STEM + Art = STEAM program! 

Our program currently offers basic coding designed for children in grades pre-K to 3rd grade, or children who are novices in coding in 1:1 or small group sessions. 

We are able to do mixed age groups/abilities as well. 

We have 5 different and very unique coding robots- the 5G Kebbi, KIBO, Bee-Bot, Blue-bot, and Tuff-bot. 


*Held on a mid-month Sunday in Kailua- RSVP required due to small group size.

We also offer 1:1 early academic and social skills instruction with our 5G Kebbi robot and MOVIA Robotics' curriculum for early learners at the Pre-K-Kindergarten level. 

We will start offering more advanced coding programs for older age groups as we grow.

Follow us and see where we go! 

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Mobile Coding Makerspaces 

Enrichment education in STEM + Art (STEAM) schedule an after-school or weekend pop-up coding-playground makerspace with us!

Homeschool groups- Schedule a regular makerspace with us weekly or monthly!

Coding with Kebbi

NUWA Robotics from Taiwan developed an age appropriate coding curriculum for children starting from age 4, or novice coders.


Coding with KIBO

With over 20 years of research proven success around the world, KIBO, Dr. Umaschi Bers' screen free coding robot has brought coding all over the world!  


Bee-bot from Terrapin Tools is a simple, easy-to-operate little robot for teaching sequencing, estimation, and problem-solving. We use the "Problem-solving with Bee-bot" curriculum. We now have a Blue-bot and 2 Tuff-bots as well!


As a 'pop-up playground/coding lab' we are unique in that we customize a makerspace for coding that is tailored to your child's or groups' needs!  


MOVIA Robotics in Connecticut developed an academic and social skills instruction curriculum for children at the pre-kindergarten level. This curriculum was also developed for children with autism and developmental disabilities who are at the early academic level. It aims to increase learning/school readiness academic and social skills. It shows promise for children who have limited verbal skills and are early readers.

If you want to learn more about our robot assisted programs for your child, please contact us.